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Barakkat Rouge 540 Maison Eau de Parfum

Barakkat Rouge 540 Maison Eau de Parfum

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This perfume has similar fragrance notes to Baccarat Rouge 540. It would be a great alternative to anyone who likes this type of fragrance, but at a fraction of the price.

On cleaned hands, the smoky aroma of burning wood mingles with the sweet floral water. That's the aroma of this pleasant atmosphere, where rose, frankincense, and resin linger. The scent is silky and seductive, reminiscent of Oriental flowers.

The top note opens the fragrance warm and spicy with bitter almonds and saffron.
The heart note forms jasmine and cedar, followed by musk, wood and ambergris in the base.

A great and unusual perfume, with a subtle sweetness that perfectly interacts with the salty ambergris and spicy saffron. The perfume is suitable for both everyday and evening use.

Main accords: amber, almonds, animalic, warm spicy, woody

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